What to plan for Move-out!

Expected Move-out dates

All students are required to move out 24 hours after their last exam, as defined by the UNBC Undergraduate & Graduate Academic Calendar. Students staying for the Full Academic Year (Sept - April) will be expected to move out in April. They will not be expected to empty their bedroom during the Winter break.

Students applied for a single semester (September Only, January Only, Spring intersession, Summer intersession) will be expected to move out at the end of that semester.

  • If the student wishes to extend or cancel their application without possible fee penalties/forfeitures, they must email by the designated semester deadlines found on our Housing & Residence Life Fees web page.
Make your Move-out easier by planning ahead:

  • Review the Move-in/Move-out section in our Residence Life Handbook
  • Follow our Move-Out Checklist
  • Start planning your packing one month earlier
  • Pack and clean as you go to avoid stress
  • Start spending a few hours a week packing and cleaning
  • Begin donating and throwing out items you won't be taking with you
  • Take out your trash and recycling regularly 
  • Return your Parking Pass to the Housing Office (drop box available 24/7)
  • Make sure that all furniture (including recycling bags) is in its proper location
  • If you need some items shipped home or stored until next year, look into student oriented shipping/storage companies. (i.e. College Boxes)

Extension requests

I Am Applying For The Full Academic Year (Sept-Apr), Can I Stay Over The Winter Break? 

If you are applying for the Academic Year (Sept-Apr) and need to stay in residence over the winter break, there is a nightly extension fee, to a 10 night maximum fee for the duration of the winter break. Please note that if you apply for the September Only (Sept-Dec) semester, we do not offer an extension to stay after the official end of semester which is 24 hours after you complete you last exam. Please email if you require an extension before Dec 1.

For more information on extensions, please visit our Semester Fees page.

Early Move-out

Moving out before your contract ends??

Use our Notification of Intent to Move-out to request early termination and release of the License Agreement. 

The student must inform UNBC Housing and Residence Life by emailing the Notification of Intent to Move-out form to Upon submission of the Notification of Intent to Move-out form, the student will receive a pro-rated refund (calculated from the date notification is received plus 30 days) of their Housing and Residence Life fees paid. In all cases of early termination after move-in, the $275.00 Residence Room Deposit is non-refundable.