Community Engagement & Activities

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Northern FIRE Symposiums


March 2019 ~ Gendered Realities in Northern BC: Bodies, Health and, Relationships across the Lifespan


March 2018 ~ Ending Gendered Violence

Northern FIRE Conferences


November 2019 ~ Addressing Sexual and Domestic Violence in Northern BC: Local, Regional, and Intersectional Perspectives, Resources, and Strategies for Change (Civil Forfeiture)

Northern FIRE Community Engagement and Activities


September ~ Take Back the Night

September ~ Red Dress Campaign: Remembering and honouring murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls


March 2020 ~ Integrating Innovative & Ancient Strategies: Creating Research Spaces for Adolescent Women to Tell Their Embodied Stories

Indrani Margolin


January 2018 ~ Women's March

January 2018 ~ Support for UNBC Unite Here 40 Cafeteria Workers march, rally, letter to UNBC President

February 2018 ~ March & Rally remembering Tina Fontaine

August 2018 ~ Sharing information and connecting with community at the North Central Exhibition

November 2018 ~ Wellness workshop: Turning in to the Creative Self

Indrani Margolin & Lela Zimmer


November 2017: Women, Unions and Universities

Jacqueline Holler & Dawn Hemingway


March 2016 ~ Women's Health, Women's Bodies, Women's Rights: Reflections on the 1970 Abortion Caravan

Dawn Hemingway