About the UNBC School of Nursing

The UNBC School of Nursing is actively engaged in preparing excellent nurses who are ready to meet the complex care needs of individuals in regional, rural and remote communities of the North. We strive to foster a deep commitment to the nursing profession and embrace change as a means for influencing health care at all levels. We strive to produce graduates who inform knowledge and practice by using an evidence-informed approach to nursing. 

We offer innovative and practice-based programs of study at the undergraduate level including our Northern Collaborative Baccalaureate Nursing Program (NCBNP) in partnership with the College of New Caledonia and Coast Mountain College, a Post-Diploma program, and a provincial practice-driven Rural Nursing Certificate Program (RNCP). At the graduate level we provide multiple options for individuals wishing to pursue a Master of Science in Nursing (MScN) degree: a Professional/Academic stream and a Family Nurse Practitioner stream. In addition, UNBC is currently developing a collaborative, inter-professional doctoral program in Health Sciences which will provide our students with the opportunity to pursue doctoral level study in the future.

Message from the Program Chair

Dr. Sylvia BartonDear friends,

As the new Chair of Nursing, I am delighted to have returned to the School of Nursing, university community, and city with a northern spirit. Following ten academic years at UNBC with ten years in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta, I return to engage with others in a rich and diverse context of research, education, service, and administration. In talking with past and present students, colleagues, and community members over the past few weeks, I realize I have also returned to a place that embodies the collective efforts of people assisting each other to proceed in the world in productive and moral ways.   

The UNBC School of Nursing offers unique and highly prized programs that prepare nurses, nurse practitioners, advanced practice nurses, and researchers to combine knowledge and action into an understanding of practice that is responsive to the health and wellbeing of rural, northern and remote communities.  It is known for its practice-driven stance through which relationships with Northern Health and other health authorities and community agencies address the constant state of renewal and development that originates from a desire to create and exchange valued knowledge. And it’s knowledge that filters through our lives, requiring skepticism and judgment to decipher. Through these close professional and academic partnerships, students experience a teaching and learning environment characteristic of outstanding practitioners, expert educators, and research leaders.  Students study at programs offered in Prince George, Terrace, and Quesnel, with access to online delivery and a state of the art northern clinical simulation network.

In thinking about the past UNBC nursing students I have known, they continue to prepare others in the professional discipline of nursing through mentoring, educating, researching, and leading. They have combined an appreciation of the human sciences with personal philosophical interpretations associated with a reflective practice that extends deep into their working lives. Their nursing stories contain within them, threads of making a difference in the lives of others.  And such purpose speaks to the creation of meaning and significance that guides the agency we bring to the altering of our existence.        

I invite you to question the purpose of life, to discover the UNBC School of Nursing, and to experience a relationship with a living space – the stellar beauty of BC’s central and northern interior. It will transform you.

Dr. Sylvia Barton

Did You Know?

We offer Nursing courses in Prince George, Terrace, Quesnel, and online.