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Careers in Psychology - resources and info on the different directions your Psychology degree can take you 

Psychology Jobs - The number one portal for jobs in Psychology. 

Master's in Psychology Careers - This unique psychology career page highlights occupational options in the fields of psychology, therapy, and counselling.

Psychology Degree Guide - general information on the field, & reviews of programs at US schools

Psychology Degree 411 - a US-based site with information on career paths, degree types, popular Psyc blogs around the web, and a directory of US schools and scholarships.

Online Psychology Career Center - from

Careers, Degrees, and Specialties in Psychology - from - general information on the field and career paths/prospects, from a US perspective

Accredited Online Colleges in Psychology - filters for selecting universities across the USA that offer APA-accredited online degree (BSc, MSc, and PhD) programs

Nursing for Psychology Majors - information on how you can have your Psychology experience take you into the field of nursing