Undergraduate Students in Psychology

Undergraduate Students
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Psychology is the study of behaviour, feelings and thinking. Psychologists study the biopsychosocial and developmental mechanisms and processes that regulate the behaviour of individuals. The goal of the Department of Psychology is to provide advanced knowledge in the substantive areas of Psychology. In addition, the Department provides excellent training that enhances the student's competitiveness for advanced graduate study in Psychology and related areas.

Important Forms

Official Registrar Forms - Course Add/Drop, Declaration of Major, Application for Graduation, etc.

Prospective Students

Wondering why you should chose UNBC for your degree? We talk to some of our current and former students about their experiences here and why they think this is a great place to study! A few recent alumni have shared their successes and future plans.

Check out some of our current or recent honours & independent study projects, and see what exciting research is happening with our undergrad students!

Undergraduate Programs

The total for the B.Sc. in Psychology is 122 credit hours. For more information, please consult the current online calendar via the "Programs - BSc Psychology" link to the left.

Honours students must complete two additional 400-level Psychology courses, plus an independent research project spanning two semesters (the Honours Thesis). Please see the Official Calendar (Programs link to the left) for more information. Note that honours applications are due on the last day of exams in a term.

Student Representation

The 2020-2021 Undergraduate Student Representative will be named early in the Fall 2020 term.

Application for Graduation

You must apply to graduate, even if you do not plan to attend the convocation ceremony. Use this checklist to ensure you've completed all your requirements, find the deadline for application, and apply!

Clinical Psychology

For those undergraduate students wishing to pursue a career in Clinical Psychology after receiving their BSc in Psychology here at UNBC, Dr. Cindy Hardy has prepared a set of information for how you can best prepare yourself while here, and what you can expect in the years to come. 

Northern Medical Program

For any of our students wishing to go on to medical school after receiving their BSc in Psychology, the Northern Medical Program has some information for prospective students about the preparation and application process.. There is also an independent Pre-Med Club on campus.