Safety and security cameras

In accordance with section 26 of FOIPPA, UNBC is permitted to collect personal information by use of a surveillance system. As such permanent closed circuit television cameras have been installed at the Prince George campus. These installations are to enhance campus safety and security and support the protection of people and property in public spaces. The camera locations are marked by signage in accordance with FIPPA.

No CCTV surveillance system may be installed, modified, replaced or expanded at a UNBC site without the authority of the Director, Safety and Security. All installations are reviewed annually by the Director with confirmation of the approved and continued installation provided to the Office of University Governance. The installation of any covert camera system requires the additional approval by the Vice President, Finance and Administration.

No real-time surveillance monitoring is provided at UNBC, but security officers are appropriately trained and supervised in the responsible use of the camera and recording equipment including the requirements for the release to any authorized external third party.


In accordance with the UNBC Protection of Privacy Policy, UNBC may use surveillance systems to:

  1. Improve personal safety on University property by acting as a deterrent or increasing the likelihood of identifying individuals who may commit criminal activity;
  2. Assist law enforcement agencies with the investigation of any suspected criminal activity;
  3. Assist with the protection of university assets and infrastructure; or
  4. Assist with the application of university policies.

The surveillance system must not be used to monitor or record areas where the University community or public have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

For information pertaining to the UNBC Protection of Privacy Policy, please contact

Application for camera installation

A request needs to be made to install or expand a camera system operated at any UNBC site. This is to include rationale as to the purpose of the installation and why any less privacy-intrusive alternatives were rejected, the scope of area to be covered by the camera installation, and how the cameras will be positioned to collect the minimum amount of personal information necessary to achieve the purpose intended.
Camera Installation Application

Any questions pertaining to safety and security camera systems should be directed to