South-Central Student Testimonials

Why do students choose to study at UNBC's South-Central campus? 

Here are some videos of current students and alumni of UNBC's South-Central campus sharing why they valued and enjoyed their education at the South-Central campus.

Angela Hance's Testimonial

Angela Hance was a current student at UNBC in 2016. Having education rooted in the traditions and culture of the Tsilhqot’in people doesn’t just better her own life, but the knowledge she gains will also be shared with her children and the rest of the community.

Blaine Grinder's Testimonial

Blaine Grinder was an Aboriginal Community Connections Coordinator for UNBC South-Central in 2016. UNBC is taking a leadership role in providing context driven education for Aboriginal communities.

Christine Winchester's Testimonial

Christine Winchester was a current student at UNBC in 2016. Balancing family, work and school is always a challenge, and having UNBC classes available in Quesnel makes it just that much easier to earn her degree.

Clint Winchester's Testimonial

Clint Winchester is a UNBC Alumnus. Attending UNBC as a mature student changed his life, giving him the confidence to feel more comfortable in his own skin.