Bachelor of Commerce in Management Information Systems (BComm MIS)

The new BComm in Management Information Systems degree will be offered in January 2020.

October 1, 2019
Management Information Systems at UNBC

The School of Business will be offering a new undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) beginning in January 2020. In this program students will learn about the use of data analytics, e-commerce applications, software development, and business transformation using information technology.

In addition to the courses that are currently available in this field of study, two new courses will be required to complete the degree:

Nearly all organizations have a need for the skills that can be learned in the Management Information Systems program. Organizations running large-scale projects need graduates who understand their business processes and how technology can help. Many organizations collect large amounts of data but do not have the expertise to visualize and interpret the data to make informed business decisions. Graduates of the Management Information Systems program will learn how to better operate businesses, analyze data and information, and manage and incorporate various technologies within organizations.

Anyone who is currently in the workforce and wants to advance their professional development in information technology management would also find the courses offered in the Management Information Systems program useful. In addition, students interested in Computer Science or General Business will be able to connect these fields of study with the Management Information Systems program.

A detailed program description and course outlines will be published soon under the School of Business in the Academic Calendar.

Contact Information

Dr. Kafui Monu, Assistant Professor