Graduate Program in Gender Studies

The Gender Studies MA program at UNBC offers the opportunity to work with scholars in a variety of disciplines who share a focus on women and/or gender as a category of analysis.

The program has particular strengths in areas such as gender, literature, and cultural studies;  gender, history, and anthropology; gender, colonialism, and postcolonialism; gender and globalization; feminism, justice, and ethics; gender and health; and gender and international studies.  Gender Studies MA students have the opportunity to design a course of study that incorporates gender- or feminism-based methodologies and interdisciplinarity while developing expertise in an area of concentration.  While providing a transnational frame of reference, we also pay attention to the national and regional; students will therefore emerge from the program with both a broad analytical framework and a well-developed focus. 

Application deadlines are found in this calendar under "Semester Dates" or online at:, also under "Semester Dates." The Gender Studies MA Program accepts students for the September and January Semesters.

For additional information about graduate admissions or to download application materials, go to the Graduate Programs website at

Here are the answers to prospective applicants’ most common questions. Please read them carefully, and contact us should you have further questions.

Gender Studies Master's Theses Completed at UNBC

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Boateng, Sandra (2022)
"Exploring factors leading to the justification of marital rape among Ghanaian-Canadian married women"
Supervisor: Dr. Jacqueline Holler

Ibu, Esther (2021)
"Assessing the impacts of conflicting gender ideologies on domestic violence: a case study of Nigerian-immigrant women in Canada"
Supervisor: Dr. Jacqueline Holler

Pikkarainen, Jessica (2020)
"'Kitchen crafters': Canning, feminism, and the value of 'women's work'"
Supervisor: Dr. Kristen Guest

Blawatt, Sarah (2020)
"The embodied experiences of alienation and opioid use: examining the body as a site of direct exchange through the double lens of theory and narrative"
Supervisor: Dr. Maryna Romanets

Coburn, Jennifer (2019)
"The 'girl push up': The effects of gender stereotypes on women's competence and participation in physical activity"
Supervisor: Dr. Jacqueline Holler and Dr. Loraine Lavalee

"Flesher, Devon (2017)
"Negotiating the conditions of Bella's desire: Sexuality in the Twilight saga"
Supervisor: Dr. Karin Beeler

Fraser, Ley D. (2016)
"Individuality in approaches to emotionally demanding work and coping among experienced British Columbia social workers"
Supervisor: Dr. Dawn Hemingway

Adjei, Doris (2015)
The cycle of poverty and early marriage among women in Ghana (a case study of Kassena-Nankana)
Supervisor:  Dr. Jacqueline Holler

Bradley, Reeanna Elizabeth (2014)
"ARTivism : gender and artistic expression at AWAC" 
Supervisor: Dr. Si Transken

Doucette, Kathryn Suzanne (2014)
"Femininity and female identity of forest industry workers in northern British Columbia from 1960 to 2000" 
Supervisor:  Dr. Jacqueline Holler

Eka, Somina Aleleba (2014)
"Expressions of mother-daughter disconnections and homelessness in Prince George" 
Supervisor:  Dr. Si Transken

Taylor, Benjamin Duncan Scott (2014)
"The cultural evolution of masculine body image : an interdisciplinary analysis of male body image regulation within men's lifestyle magazines" 
Supervisor:  Dr. Si Transken

Shaw, Anita Jane (2012)
"Adolescent girls' experiences of unwanted intercourse and unintentional pregnancy : a retrospective study"
Supervisor:  Dr. Jacqueline Holler

Skorecka, Agata (2012)
"'Wwoofing' BC : an autoethnography" 
Supervisor:  Dr. Si Transken

Euverman, Susan Maureen (2011)
"Exploring gender equity in a multimodal novel study" 
Supervisor:  Dr. Willow Brown

Oliver, Diandra Mary Ann (2011)
"Standing in the way of control : me + third-wave feminism" 
Supervisor:  Dr. Jacqueline Holler

Harding, Zandra Dahne (2010)
"Voices and visions : transformative creativity in a northern context" 
Supervisor: Dr. Si Transken

Myers, Charlene Dianne (2010)
"Gender harassment of women in unionized nontraditional professional occupations in British Columbia : an evaluation of legal redress procedures"
Supervisor:  Dr. Deborah Poff

Sharp, Elezabeth Anna (2010)
"Masculine identity in a "woman's" role : stay-at-home dads in northern British Columbia" 
Supervisor:  Dr. Jacqueline Holler

Duke, Dolores Jean (2006)
"The representation of sexuality and gender in William Makepeace Thackeray's Vanity Fair" 
Supervisor:  Dr. Maryna Romanets

Payson, Jennifer Elizabeth (2006)
"How should I eat these? With your mouth, asshole" : First Nations women's literature responds to colonial discourse 
Supervisor:  Dr. Dee Horne

Onciul-Omelus, Jamie Marie Lynn (2005)
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" as "shero": re-defining the mythological hero 
Supervisor:  Dr. Robert Budde

Plante, Jacqueline Rachelle (2005)
"Reconceiving utopian movement : realizing the transformative potential of literary and philosophical exchange" 
Supervisor:  Maryna Romanets

Box, Carol Lynn (2003)
"Madeline Izowsky, 1885-1979 : a Polish woman in western Canada" 
Supervisor:  Dr. Marianne Ainley

Walther, Maria Elizabeth (2003)
"Towards body-recovery : a collage of orality : herstorical poetry-tellings within feminist and ecological feminist narratives" 
Supervisor:  Dr. Si Transken

Worfolk, Melinda Joy (2003)
"Almost fond of the damned town" : women's concepts of community in Mackenzie, British Columbia" 
Supervisor:  Dr. Jo-Anne Fiske

Chrisara, Adeja Houle (2002)
"Issues of voice, changes of heart : personal and political implications of women's feature film production in Canada" 
Supervisor:  Dr. Julia Emberley

Perry, Amber Leigh (2002)
"Meanings of health and well-being for rural lesbians in northern BC" 
Supervisor:  Dr. Jo Anne Fiske

Domshy, Helen Christine (2001)
"(Re)imaging the breast : a feminist analysis of a cultural obsession" 
Supervisor:  Dr. Joanne Friske

Wei, Hsueh-lin (2001)
"Running with wounded feet : a Taiwanese daughter's views on familial issues of filial piety, home and marriage" 
Supervisor:  Dr. Joanne Friske

Thacker, Julie Christine (2000)
"Mothers who live apart from their children" 
Supervisor:  Dr. Marianne Gosztonyi Ainley

Thien, Deborah Lynne (2000)
"Across the street : an intimate feminist geography in Aotearoa/New Zealand" 
Supervisor:  Dr. Barbara Herringer

Marucci, Georgina Elizabeth (2000)
"Lake Babine women's rites of passage: an archaeological inquiry" 
Supervisor:  Dr. Jo Anne Friske

Tepperman, Suzanne Louise (2000)
"Fatty fatty two-by-four, can't get through the bathroom door: a feminist analysis of the discourse on fat and the strategies used to challenge fatphobia" 
Supervisor:  Dr. Julia Emberley

Ginn, Patty Jean (1998)
"Wife Battering, Institutional Appropriation, and Treatment Discourse: A Struggle for Discursive Control" 
Supervisor:  Dr. Jo Anne Friske