Pest control

Pests and what to do

Living in northern British Columbia can be a beautiful and great experience. However, there are less great experiences living next to a forest, like pests. Here are some general tips to make sure our outdoor friends don't come indoors:

  • Do not keep open food and garbage in your bedroom
  • Have a lid on your trash can and take out trash and recycling frequently.
  • Vacuum your space regularly


Here are some steps to help deter mice from coming into your suite:

  • Keep all food in sealed containers and store in the upper kitchen cabinets or refrigerator.
  • Keep your space clean and wash dishes regularly. Mice are attracted to the scent of food, so make sure to clean up as you go.

If you see mice in your suite:

  • Contact Housing immediately
    • Email or by phoning 250-960-6430 during business hours.
    • After hours call the RA on-call


B.C. has various types of ants, most of which are harmless and annoying at most.

If you see ants in your suite or bedroom follow these steps:

  • In a spray bottle add 1 part dish soap and 2 parts water.
  • Spray and wipe the area where you see them.
  • Submit a maintenance request.

If you see more than 10-12 ants in the evening it may be worth investigating, please email

Wildlife on campus

  • Do not approach the wildlife, as they can be dangerous.
  • Be aware of your surroundings when walking to your vehicle and to the Northern Sports Centre.
  • Throw garbage in the bins provided and close the lid to keep animals out.
  • ,Contact UNBC Security at 250-960-7058 for a safe walk as needed.
  • Always report wildlife activity to UNBC Security at 250-960-7058.

For more information on wildlife encounters on and near campus, please visit the UNBC Safety and Risk Management Wildlife Encounters website to help you decide on the proper strategy to take when encountering wildlife.