About us

Our values

ITS Values Include: Accountability, Communication, Customer Satisfaction, Teamwork, Coaching, Profession Growth and Continuous Learning and Work/Life Balance


  • We take responsibility for the quality and completion of our work.
  • We lead by example, ask for help when needed, and take responsibility for our actions.
  • We are accountable for our commitments, actions, and their outcomes.


  • We share relevant information in a clear, concise, and timely manner with all affected parties.
  • We use the appropriate language and medium for our audience.

Teamwork, Coaching, Professional Growth and Continuous Learning

  • We invest in every team member to enable them to grow and excel.
  • We actively encourage and dedicate time to personal and professional career growth.

Customer Satisfaction

  • We manage customer expectations by using realistic timelines, clear communication, and follow up.
  • We deliver information technology services that meet the needs of UNBC community and achieve highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

Work / Life Balance

  • We provide an environment that allows employees to achieve a reasonable work/life balance.
  • We recognize that we all view work/life balance differently. We make ITS a place where all these viewpoints can be respected, accommodated, and embraced.