Technology Deals for Students and Employees

UNBC ITS would like to introduce new technology deals for our students and employees

All students and employees can access these services to purchase items at a discounted price. Details on managing your personal information can be found at the bottom of this webpage.

Apple Products

Apple Discount

Dell Products:

Dell Discount

Privacy Statement Involved in all of the above sites:

When you leave UNBC’s website or your UNBC email and move to these vendors’ sites, UNBC cannot manage or be accountable for how your personal and financial information will be used by these external vendors and their websites.  You are responsible for ensuring your personal and financial information is managed and protected to your standards while working with these vendors.

UNBC is not responsible for maintaining warranty, service, or data on any device you purchase from one of our preferred vendors.  Any purchasing or service agreements from these vendors are solely and directly between you as the purchaser and the vendor.
While we cannot manage your business relationship with these vendors, if you have concerns about a vendor you have been referred to and you want to inform UNBC, please contact to report your concerns.

UNBC does not commit to resolving your concern nor directly communicating to you about your concern with these vendors.