How to Register

To request accommodations under UNBC's Access and Accommodation Policy, students with disabilities are asked to register with the Access Resource Centre (ARC) through our online intake portal. To register you must be a UNBC student and you need to provide the following documents:

Please review the documentation requirements. We require specific information regarding the functional limitations students are experiencing in their education. A simple note from a Doctor may not be sufficient to provide appropriate accommodation. Once you have these documents in PDF format please:
  1. Click on the Online Intake button below, 
  2. Login with your UNBC credentials,
  3. Complete the intake form and upload the documentation of a Disability or Health condition and completed Wellness consent form.
If you have any questions about documentation or the intake process please contact us.

After the online intake form has been completed and appropriate documentation is accepted, an ARC representative will contact the student to schedule an intake appointment. It is the responsibility of the ARC Staff to recommend appropriate and reasonable accommodations within the context of the university environment.

This process can take some time; as such, the university encourages students requesting accommodations to contact the ARC as soon as they have been accepted to UNBC.