Discipline Policy

We believe to promote healthy social and emotional development, children require a secure, safe, predictable environment that is nurturing and supportive.

UNBC Childcare Girls HouseClear, consistent guidelines are set to encourage respect of self, others and materials. Natural and logical consequences are used to reinforce limits. (e.g. Natural consequence: a child may get wet if playing in the water play without a smock. Logical consequence: if water spills from the water play table when the child is playing, the child is responsible for wiping it up).

Limits are stated in a positive way, focusing on appropriate behaviour, rather than the inappropriate. (e.g. "Walking feet" rather than "Don't run") Reasons for guidelines are explained to children at their developmental level.

Program activities are set up so children can successfully interact. Staff will facilitate co-operation between children, acknowledging their feelings, and encouraging them to verbalize their thoughts and feelings.

It is important to recognize that aggression is a natural first response for young children. Each situation will be dealt with as it happens, and children will be encouraged to take responsibility for their actions. (eg. The" hitter" getting the "hittee" a cold cloth or tissue for tears.) We will then continue on with the business of play.

Discipline will NEVER take the form of corporal punishment. Children will NEVER be named, shamed or belittled.