Privacy Practices


UNBC Childcare Society respects and upholds an individual’s right to privacy and to the protection of the children and families personal information. The principle of “need to know” will guide our center staff and board members in determining who will have access to information about children and their families, and how much information about a child and/or their family will be shared.

Client Information

No information will be released about a child and the enrolling parent/guardian without first receiving written permission of the enrolling parent/guardian. This excludes the responsibility service providers have as outlined in legislation (e.g. duty to report need for protection) as well as access to information that is subpoenaed by court.

Storage of Client Information

All written information that is confidential will be properly kept in files and stored in locked filing cabinets. Access to these files will be restricted only to those "who need to know" such information.  

UNBC Childcare follows the Ten Principles for the protection of information based on B.C.’s Privacy Act ‘Personal Information Protection Act’ (PIPA).

1.  Be accountable.

2.  Identify purpose for collection.

3.  Obtain consent.

4.  Limit collection.

5.  Limit use, disclosure and retention.

6.  Be accurate.

7.  Use appropriate safeguards.

8.  Be open.

9.  Give individual access.

10.  Complaints.