Environmental and Sustainability Studies at UNBC offers three unique degree options for learning about environmental challenges, creating sustainable approaches and solutions to these challenges and becoming knowledgeable and active environmental citizens with a useful set of marketable skills.

The three degrees build different sets of expertise and create different opportunities:

If you want to study the natural environment, societal challenges and sustainable solutions to these problems, you can do so at UNBC in the middle of a spectacular natural environment. Five minutes from any classroom are miles of trails through evergreen and mixed wood forests offering hiking and winter sports. Two beautiful rivers converge in our city and wildlife wander the campus. We are situated between the Rocky Mountains and the Coastal Mountains, both a short drive from campus. If you love outdoor activities this is the place to live, study and explore.

You’ll find UNBC to be an environmentally-minded community. Campus environmental groups offer many opportunities to get involved and change the campus and the community.  Students for a Green University and PGPIRG undertake exciting social and environmental projects. Students can join a Green University Planning Committee and help keep UNBC sustainable and green. Campus projects include the University Farmers' Market and a student-run compost and a garden program that was started through an Environmental and Sustainability Studies class. We walk our talk with recyclable furniture, green cleaning products, sustainable landscaping, and Green Fund project grants available to students, staff and faculty looking to change things up. The Green University Centre and the Sustainability Manager can assist with ideas, research or projects.


Our Environmental and Sustainability Studies degrees have many advantages.

  • We are a small, student friendly program.
  • You’ll get to know your professors and not be lost in a crowd.
  • You’ll work with professors who love their fields of expertise, are nationally and internationally recognized experts and who bring their enthusiasm into the classroom.
  • Undergraduate students have many of chances to get involved with their professors' research through Undergraduate Research Awards and Experiential Learning Awards.

Environmental and Sustainability Studies at UNBC. Great faculty, great classes, in a great environment. Hope to see you soon.