Master of Science in Health Sciences

      *Applicable Supervisors:

Davina Banner- Lukaris, Associate Professor (NURS)
Russell Callaghan, Professor (NMP)
Sarah de Leeuw, Associate Professor (NMP)
Shannon Freeman, Associate Professor (NURS)
Kendra Furber, Assistant Professor (NMP)
Andrea Gingerich, Assistant Professor (NMP)
Sarah Gray, Associate Professor (NMP) 
Waqar Haque, Professor (Computer Sci, Business)
Neil Hanlon, Professor (GEOG)
R.Luke Harris, Associate Professor
Dawn Hemingway, Associate Professor (SOCW)
Ross Hoffman, Professor Emeritus (First Nations Studies)
Kevin Keen, Professor (Math & Statistics)
Tammy Klassen-Ross, Senior Instructor (HLSC) co-supervise
Chow Lee, Professor (Biochemistry, Chemistry)
Taru Manyanga, Assistant Professor (MPT-N)
Rob Olson, Associate Professor (UBC)
Linda O'Neill, Associate Professor (PSYC)
Margot Parkes, Professor (Health Sciences, NMP)
Chelsea Pelletier, Associate Professor
Stephen Rader, Professor (Biochemistry, Chemistry)
Caroline Sanders, Associate Professor (NURS)
Mamdouh Shubair, Associate Professor
Daniel Sims, Associate Professor (FNST)
Angele Smith, Associate Professor (ANTH)
Catherine Whalen, Associate Professor (EDUC)
Andrew Kitchenham, Professor (EDUC)

The MSc in Health Sciences offers a combined student-centred and community-oriented approach.  The MSc strengthens student capacity to progress their research interests, and equips a new generation of researchers to understand and respond to contemporary health challenges, especially those faced by northern, rural, remote, and Indigenous communities.  The interdisciplinary program provides opportunities for those interested in health within a changing health system, to explore and research, and to benefit from the diverse health research strengths in the School of Health Sciences and across UNBC.

Students pursue research approaches that fit with their interests, learning from a range of research expertiese, spanning, but not limited to, biomedical, epidemiological, community health and ecohealth approaches.  Our students also benefit from active research partnerships across and beyond the university, that create opportunities for applied and community - oriented research, with direct experiences working with and learning from a range of community partners.

Our research-based Masters degree equips students for a thriving career in health research (including applications for PhD programs), and is well suited for established health professionals seeking a research-oriented program that will build on existing practice and skills.  While not required, experience in research methodology and statistics is beneficial for this program.

For graduate application information and application packages please visit UNBC Graduate Programs.