Co-benefits for​ Climate, Watersheds and​ Communities: Phase 3: Goals and Objectives

Intersectoral Partnerships and Knowledge Exchange

Laventie CreekPhase 3 of Theme 4 deepens intersectoral partnerships, bridging data and information gaps. Collaborations with entities like the Northern Health Authority enable the Nechako Watershed Portal to inform not only provincial watershed security and land use planning processes but also climate and health vulnerability assessments. These partnerships expand the portal's reach, ensuring that it plays a vital role in informing all interested stakeholders while helping the decision-making in complex watershed processes.

Community Engagement and Co-benefit Amplification

Stream sampling in Nahounli Creek, Fort St. JamesTheme 4 actively engages communities and interest groups within the Nechako. By focusing on co-benefit designs and orientations that are beneficial for climate, catchments, and communities, the theme facilitates community engagement. This engagement is essential in amplifying co-benefits, ensuring that policies, actions, and interventions are designed to achieve multiple benefits simultaneously. Through ongoing relationship building and knowledge exchange, Theme 4 contributes to a more resilient, integrated, and sustainable future for the Nechako River Basin and its communities.