Undergraduate Admissions

Enrolment Management at UNBC

The University of Northern British Columbia is committed to providing the best possible educational experience to its students. While some areas of academic study are available to new students without restriction, to ensure the highest quality learning environment others must be limited in enrolment by the availability of suitable space and instruction. Except for first-entry professional programs, first-year first-entry students are admitted to UNBC by their degree outcome of interest, and must indicate at least their first choice of Degree Group (for example Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science) on their application form. Until such time as students declare a major, they will be assigned a Faculty Dean based upon their declared degree group. Once admitted, if the Major selected would require a transfer between Degree Groups, approval is required from the Faculty Dean for the Academic Program that includes the desired Major. Transfer from a first-entry professional program to one of the Degree Groups is permitted only by approval of the Faculty Dean for the Academic Program that includes the desired major.

In the spirit of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, UNBC respects and recognizes that the national boundaries imposed by colonization do not represent Indigenous citizenship and territories. Therefore, UNBC recognizes all Indigenous students coming from nations in what became Canada and the United States as domestic for the purposes of application processing, application fee and tuition fees.

Transfer students are considered for admission only in the context of a Declaration of Major, and will be admitted, on the basis of space availability and eligibility, by established criteria in the Major of choice.

How to Apply

The online application is available by internet at www.unbc.ca/apply/.

Student may also contact the Student Recruitment and Advising Centre (www.unbc.ca/whyunbc) or futurestudents@unbc.ca.

Application Deadlines

Programs still accepting applications

Canadian Students

May Semester
March 1
September Semester * March 1
January Semester November 1

* Please note: While the Canadian Student application deadline for admission is March 1st for September entry, students are encouraged to apply earlier. Applications received after March 1st will be considered on the basis of space availability and eligibility, by established criteria in the Degree Group/Major of choice.

 International Students

September Semester March 1
January Semester June 1
May Semester *

* Applications are not encouraged for this semester, unless applicants are transferring from a Canadian post-secondary institution.

Please note:  Applications received after these dates will be processed on the basis of space availability once on-time applications have been allocated.

Professional and Competitive Entry Programs

(See Program Regulations for Professional Program Admissions)

Education January 15
Engineering March 1
February 1
Nursing (excluding NBNP) March 31
Nursing (NBNP) January 15
Social Work February 1