Employee Travel Booking and Payment

Direct Travel

A credit card is required to set up a profile. This does not have to be a UNBC Purchasing Card. Travellers must also have a credit card in their name to reserve hotels and car rentals through Direct Travel, and must pay on arrival.

Visit the Forms web page to apply for a UNBC Purchasing Card.

Direct Travel Contact Information

1-844-905-3824 (within North America)

Direct Travel Fees (inclusive of GST)


  • Online reservation (including air, hotel and vehicle rental) - $11
  • Online reservation (hotel and/or vehicle rental only) - $5

Full-service Travel Advisor

  • Domestic reservation (including air, hotel and vehicle rental) - $29
  • Trans-border reservation (including air, hotel and vehicle rental) - $35
  • International reservation (including air, hotel and vehicle rental) - $39
  • Hotel and or vehicle rental (without air) - $8
  • Exchange - $25 (refund $20)
  • After-hours support - $9 per call

Travel Expenditures

For approved travel expenditures, employees may use their Purchasing Card, or pay with their own funds and request reimbursement through a cheque requisition.

To claim a per diem for expenses not charged to a Purchasing Card, use the travel claim form listed on the Finance forms page
For details on reimbursement, see the Travel Reimbursement Policy