2023 Northern BC Research and Quality Conference

2023 Northern BC Research and Quality Conference

November 7 - November 9, 2023

This conference is a forum enhanced with resources and skill development workshops to share health and health services research, evaluation, evidence-based practice and quality improvement initiatives in the North. It has been designed to profile Northern BC research, evaluation, and quality initiatives and will provide formal learning as well as informal opportunities for participants to learn from each other. 

Theme: Looking to the Future: Health in the North

Dates: November 7 to 9, 2023
Location: University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George Campus


  • Workforce recovery and rebuilding
  • Mental health and substance use
  • Cultural safety and health equity
  • Health and environment
  • Healthcare across the lifespan
  • Indigenous health and wellness
  • Innovative healthcare, technology and data quality
  • Team-based primary care
  • Co-creating healthcare for all
  • Accessibility to healthcare


  • Celebrate and share research, quality improvement, evaluation, and implementation of evidence in a northern and rural context.
  • Support the development of research, quality improvement, evaluation, patient centric research and evidence-informed practice. 
  • Facilitate networking and knowledge sharing of all stakeholders, including patients.
  • Inspire new ideas, encourage diverse partnerships, and broaden the involvement of various stakeholders invested in the health of Northerners.


Presentation and Panel Discussion

Keynote Address 

Plenary Session

Concurrent Sessions

  • Session A | Cultural Safety & Health Equity
  • Session B | Accessibility to Health Care
  • Session C | Health & Environment
  • Session D | Innovative Health Care, Technology, and Data Quality
  • Session E | Cultural Safety and Health Equity
  • Session F | Accessibility to Health Care
  • Session G | Cultural Safety and Health Equity & Indigenous Health and Wellness
  • Session H | Mental Health and Substance Use
  • Session I | Indigenous Health and Wellness
  • Session J | Team Based Primary Care & Workforce Recovery and Rebuilding
  • Session K | Healthcare Across the Lifespan
  • Session L | Innovative Healthcare, Technology and Data Quality
  • Session M | Co-Creating Healthcare for All

Poster Viewing Sessions

Award Recipients 

  • Best Student Poster - Research 
    • 1st - Suet Ching Ng 
    • 2nd - Kiran Ghag 
    • 3rd - Fatemeh Mohammadnejad 
  • Best Student Quality Improvement/Evaluation - Oral or Poster 
    • Leah Chambers
  • Best Student Oral Presentation - Research 
    • Holly McVea 
  • Person and Family Engagement Exemplar - Of Note 
    • Shayna Dolan 
    • Robyn Turner-Klopper 
    • Elsie Chan
    • Lisette Vienneau 
    • Lara Frederick, Sarah Brown, Rebecca Sketchley