Tuition and fees

Tuition instalments

Graduate students pay tuition in instalments, based on the total cost of the degree. Once the regular tuition instalments have been paid, students transition into continuing registration fees. Some programs have a special tuition structure (the MBA and MEng programs). For all other programs:

  • Full-time Master's degree graduate students are required to pay 6 instalments prior to transitioning into the continuing registration fee.
  • Part-time Master's degree graduate students are required to pay 12 instalments prior to transitioning into the continuing registration fee.
  • PhD students are assessed 9 instalments prior to transitioning to continuing registration fees. However, provided a student is maintaining satisfactory academic standing, maintaining satisfactory progress and meeting program requirements (including the candidacy examination timeline), the Doctoral Tuition Award will be applied against tuition for a total of 12 semesters.

Recent change to minimum instalments required prior to graduation

In the Spring of 2021, Senate approved a motion that changes the minimum number of semester payments that masters students must pay for tuition, from 6 to 3 for full time students, and from 12 to 9 for part time students. The motion also removed mandatory spring/summer registration for course-based students for which there are no courses available. The FAQ below addresses common questions.

Frequently asked questions

When is this effective?

The change takes effect September 1, 2021. Students applying to graduate in the Winter semester will fall under the new policy.

Does this mean continuing fees start earlier?

No. The Calendar policy governing the total number of instalments paid prior to transitioning to continuing registration fees remains the same. With the exception of the MBA and MEng programs (which have their own payment structures), full-time students will transition to continuing fees if their study extends beyond 6 semesters of registration and part-time students past 12 semesters of registration.

Should I register in the Summer semester?

The requirement to maintain continuous registration has been removed only for students in course-based degree programs where there is no course offering available in the Summer semester. Thesis, project, and dissertation students should maintain registration continuously unless on an approved leave. Students in programs terminating in a major paper, comprehensive examination, portfolio or practicum who are working on their capstone in the summer semester should also register.

How does this impact graduation?

Effective September 1, 2021, if you finish a relevant program early you will not incur additional tuition charges provided the minimum number of instalments have been paid in full. Full-time students must have paid 3 instalments and part-time students must have paid 9 instalments (inclusive of the final semester of registration. However, it is important to understand that you will continue to pay the full-time or part-time instalment for the required period (6 semesters full-time or 12 semesters part-time). This impacts only students completing degree requirements early.

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