The GR 206: Notice of Withdrawal form is used for withdrawal from your graduate program. If you are submitting a Withdrawal with Permission Form and have enrolled in courses, an add/drop form must be completed and signed off by your supervisor and chair of your program.  This form must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar with a copy attached to the Withdrawal Request form for submission to the Office of Graduate Administration.  If this form is submitted before the add/drop date, then the fees are refunded as per calendar regulation. If the form is submitted after the add/drop date, course(s) remain on the transcript designated as a “W” and no fees are refunded. This form must be submitted to your Supervisor for signature and then to the Office of Graduate Administration for approval.  The completed form with, if required, the completed add/drop form to grad-office@unbc.ca.

Please note that if requesting a WITHDRAWAL from your Graduate Program, the student must ensure the following:

  1. No outstanding fees are owed to the University (library fines prior registration tuition, etc.).
  2. No outstanding materials are owed to your Supervisor.
  3. No registration issues and outstanding grade issues to be resolved (DEF or NGR grades).  A Withdraw with Permission will NOT be considered if you have DEF or NGR grades on your student record.  All outstanding grades must be resolved by the student before submission of the request.
  4. If required, a completed add/drop form for any registered courses.

Calendar Policy

2.5 Withdrawal from the University