What is IASK?

The IASK (Integrated Analytical Skills and Knowledge) Program is offered jointly by six departments in the College of Arts Social and Health Sciences to deliver an integrated and interdisciplinary curriculum for first year students.

Based on themes of "intersections and conversations," the curriculum celebrates and respects the past, challenges students to think in diverse and creative ways, and fosters awareness of and connection to our communities and the world.

IASK Year Overview
  • Only students admitted to the IASK Program can take the IASK courses (IASK)
  • Students accepted to the IASK Program must take all six IASK courses
  • Students will complete three IASK courses in the September semester and three IASK courses in the January semester
  • Students can also add one or two courses from other disciplines during the September and January semesters
 After the IASK Program
  • After the IASK Program, students will declare a major in an academic program at UNBC
  • Successfully completed IASK courses can be used towards elective requirements in other programs at UNBC
  • It is strongly advised that students meet with a Student Advisor to assist with the above

Benefits of the IASK Program

  • Provides students with a rich and unique learning experience.
  • Develops critical reading, writing, and problem solving skills.
  • Taught by faculty who are leaders in their respective fields.
  • Comprised of a cohort of students that progress through the Program together.

Apply to the IASK Program Now!

To apply to the IASK Program, please submit an application to the University of Northern British Columbia at www.unbc.ca/apply.  Once an application has been submitted, please fill out the form below: