Executive Leadership: Women in Leadership - Virtual Delivery

UNBC Womens leadership

How Leading through an Equitable Lens will Improve your Career, Team and Organization

Being a woman in leadership is complicated. The gender gap is not even close to being closed, and the racial gap is even further behind. 

How can women in leadership succeed? How can all women in leadership succeed? What are the sacrifices to being a woman in leadership? What are the benefits of being a woman in leadership? How can women in leadership utilize their position to improve their professional opportunities while also holding the door open for other women?

This course will help you feel empowered in any workplace scenario by utilizing pragmatic solutions to the challenges in all professional landscapes. Learn how to negotiate strategically, set clear workplace boundaries, collaborate and work with challenging individuals effectively.  You will gain a true sense of satisfaction, confidence and pride in the work you lead, produce and oversee.

Students will discuss the complexities of being an equity-deserving individual in a position of power. We will unpack calling out and correcting inequities within the workplace, leading and mentoring other equity-deserving individuals within the company and learning to manage and respond to microaggressions, biases and workplace discrimination.

We will work to understand the systemic roadblocks to gender equity within organizations. This course will be an intersectional assessment of women's experiences in leadership, what we can learn from one another and how we can all excel together.

Students who have completed the Executive Leadership Core Certificate and complete at least three days of Executive Leadership elective courses will earn the Executive Leadership Associate Certificate.

If you are interested in developing your skills as a leader but do not need a Certificate, you can take the electives independently and advance your opportunities in your organization.

Learning Outcomes

  • What is intersectionality and how does it affect you? Intersectionality negatively impacts women in the workplace. By understanding the impacts of intersectionality, you will improve your professional career, and your team and organization's success.
  • Understand, acknowledge, educate and address workplace bias.
  • Gain understanding of your position within the organization and learn how you are pivotal in improving the landscape for yourself and others.
  • Learn to lead through empowerment and create space spaces for yourself and other women.
  • Understand work/life balance. Learn to work smarter while tuning out unhealthy workplace expectations.
  • Understand the complete picture and recognize and navigate all work including the unpaid, emotional work women do within the household.
  • Identify your personal leadership style, effective working plan and career control.
Virtual Classroom
  • 9:00am - 4:00pm (PST)
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Course Cancellations

Please note that courses may be cancelled at any time due to low enrolment. Upon cancellation, registrants will receive a full refund.