Why Bike?

Sitting atop two large hills (University Way and Tyner Blvd), UNBC's location doesn't make is easy on cyclists. That said, there are lots of ways UNBC makes it easier for you to make your commute pedal-powered! Despite weather conditions in the winter, UNBC is home to people who bike literally all year round! Getting on your bike has countless health benefits, is inexpensive and is, above all, fun! By biking to UNBC, you are decreasing your carbon footprint significantly and consequently helping to make Canada's Green University a more sustainable campus!

UNBC has a free bike storage area in the library basement. Please contact to get access to the bike storage area. 

UNBC has six ultra-secure bike lockers available for rent at $10/month + $45 deposit. Please contact NUGSS for information on availability and locker location(s).

NUGSS phone: 1-250-960-6427
NUGSS email:

Tips for Cyclists:

  • Bring your bike on the bus! All BC Transit busses come equipped with a bike rack. Ask your driver for assistance securing your bicycle.
  • Stay fresh! UNBC has two showers conveniently located on campus that are dedicated to keeping cyclists fresh and ready to study or work on campus.
  • Keep it locked! Bike racks are available around campus near all main entrances.
  • Got a flat? There is a bike repair station right outside Building 9 that is fully equipped with basic tools and a bike pump (a Green Fund project)
  • Explore the trails! UNBC is surrounded by a beautiful trail system. Grab your bike and explore the greenery in the months when the snow has cleared.

Bike map