Find a Supervisor

  • Adesanya, Dr. Theresa

    Supervises in: MSc Environmental Science

    Research Fields: Agriculture, Conservation, Environment, Farming, Natural Resources, Soil Science

    Areas of Expertise: Soil fertility, soil physics and chemistry, land remediation


  • Aravindakshan, Dr. Nikhil

    Research Fields: Chemistry, Environment

    Areas of Expertise: Data science, physical chemistry, computational chemistry, molecular modelling, molecular dynamics simulations, high-performance computing.


  • Banack, Dr. Hartley

    Supervises in: MA NRES , PhD NRES , PhD Health Sciences

    Research Fields: Climate Change, Conservation, Earth Science, Education, Environment, Ethics, Geography, Health, Health and Wellbeing, Integrated Knowledge Translation, International Studies, Mental Health, Northern Issues, Sustainability, Weather, Youth

    Areas of Expertise: education, curriculum, pedagogy, philosophy, epistemology, environmental education, physical education, health education, outdoor education, science education, place-based education


  • Banner, Dr. Davina

    Supervises in: MSc Nursing , MSc Health Sciences , PhD Health Sciences , PhD Interdisciplinary Studies

    Research Fields: Cardiovascular, Health, Health and Wellbeing, Integrated Knowledge Translation, Rural Health Services

    Areas of Expertise: Cardiovascular and Chronic disease, Rural Health, Research Co-Production, Patient-Oriented Research.


  • Bartels, Dr. Samuel

    Supervises in: NRES Forestry , NRES Biology

    Research Fields: Biodiversity/Ecology, Conservation, Forestry, Natural Resources

    Areas of Expertise: forest biology; applied forest ecology, silviculture, forest management


  • Beaumont, Dr. Sherry

    Supervises in: MSc Psychology , PhD Psychology , MA Gender Studies

    Research Fields: Gender and Women's Studies, Mental Health, Psychology, Religion

    Areas of Expertise: Positive psychology, existential psychology, self-identity, wisdom, spirituality, life meaning, art-making, art therapy, expressive arts, reflexive practice.


  • Beeler, Dr. Karin

    Supervises in: MA , BA English , MA Gender Studies

    Research Fields: Culture, Gender and Women's Studies, Youth

    Areas of Expertise: Film, television, video, fantasy, Canadian literature, Comparative literature, women, gender, youth, popular culture, online courses, animals, dogs.


  • Benoit, Dr. Shendah

    Supervises in: MEd Special Education , MEd Leadership

    Research Fields: Education

    Areas of Expertise: Inclusive Education, Principalship, District Leadership, Parents and Families, Assessment: Competency-based, Psycho-educational, Risk Reducing, Strategic Planning.


  • Bernier, Dr. Jean-Sébastien

    Supervises in: MSc Physics , PhD NRES

    Research Fields: Physics


  • Blackstock, Dr. Sheila

    Supervises in: MScN Nursing , PhD Nursing , PhD Health Sciences

    Research Fields: First Nations, Health and Wellbeing, Indigenous Health, Northern Issues, Occupational Health Nursing

    Areas of Expertise: Quality of work-life, Incivility, Indigenous Health Nursing, Organizational Change, Occupational Health


  • Bouchard, Dr. Michel

    Supervises in: MA Interdisciplinary Studies

    Research Fields: Anthropology, History, Northern Issues

    Areas of Expertise: Nation, nationalism, French-speaking North America, Russia, Métis, Métis Ethnogenesis, Circumpolar Ethnography


  • Bryan, Heather

    Supervises in: MSc NRES Biology

    Research Fields: Biodiversity/Ecology, Conservation, Wildlife

    Areas of Expertise: Wildlife, conservation, predator-prey interactions, carnivores, mammals, disease ecology, ecophysiology, wildlife health, wildlife ecology, conservation physiology


  • Budde, Robert

    Supervises in: MA English

    Research Fields: Culture, Environment, Ethics, First Nations, Gender and Women's Studies, Human Rights

    Areas of Expertise: Creative writing, Canadian literature, ecopoetry, northern BC literature.


  • Burke, Dr. Susan

    Supervises in: Social Work , Health Sciences , First Nations Studies

    Research Fields: Education, First Nations, Health and Wellbeing, Social Work

    Areas of Expertise: Indigenous social work practice, child welfare practice, kinship care, social work health and wellness, indigenous social work education


  • Cale, Dr. Jonathan

    Supervises in: MSc NRES Biology , MSc NRES Forestry

    Areas of Expertise: Forest Pathology, Forest Health, Forest Ecology, Fungal Ecology, Mycology, Chemical Ecology, Tree Physiology


  • Callaghan, Dr. Russ


  • Campana, Christine

    Supervises in: English

    Areas of Expertise: Indigenous literatures, Canadian literature, women’s literature, theory and criticism, poetry/poetics, diaspora studies, and Indigenous-settler relations.


  • Chen, Dr. Liang

    Supervises in: MSc Computer Science , MSc Interdisciplinary Studies

    Research Fields: Computer Science, Election, Information Studies, Mathematics, Statistics

    Areas of Expertise: Artificial Intelligence including: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Data Mining; Theory of Computation; Voting Theory, Big data, Data analysis.


  • Chen, Jing

    Supervises in: MSc Finance


  • Cherian, Chinchu

    Supervises in: PhD NRES , MASc Engineering

    Research Fields: Climate Change, Engineering, Environment, Northern Issues, Sustainability

    Areas of Expertise: Soil mechanics, Ground improvement techniques, Geosynthetics and Engineering Materials, Sustainable geotechnical practices, Industrial waste management