Workplace Injuries


If there is a workplace accident

Employees must report the injury to their supervisor as soon as possible.  Security provides first aid response on campus for injuries, and the first aid report forms part of the documentation for a WorkSafeBC claim if one is necessary. At a maximum, employers are obligated to report injuries to WorkSafeBC within 72 hours; however, certain types of incidents or injuries must be reported immediately.

  1. Make the scene safe
  2. Contact Security for first aid
  3. Inform your supervisor of the event

After an injury has occurred

  • The supervisor contacts Risk & Safety Management immediately to report the incident
  • The employee fills out a WorkSafeBC Form 6A, which is a description of the event
  • The supervisor fills out a WorkSafeBC Form 7 and performs an incident investigation using the Incident Investigation Form -2020 (supervisors can request support from Risk & Safety Management in performing investigations)
    • The supervisor fills out the form 7 to the best of their ability (note: wage information does not need to be added if it is not known)
    • The supervisor forwards these documents to
  • Risk & Safety Management completes the claim reports and submits them to WorkSafeBC on behalf of UNBC
  • The information from the Incident Investigation Report is analysed for ways to prevent similar injuries

Reporting Documents

 For more information contact Risk & Safety Management or call (250) 960-5530.