Academic and career support

ELS Student Sunny Chen with Instructor

As an international student, moving from your home country to Canada is a big change. At the start of your time at UNBC many students experience a range of cultural or academic differences.

Cultural differences often result from experiencing new customs and practices.

While academic differences can result from teaching and learning styles that you are unfamiliar with, unfamiliar relationships between teachers and students and new academic expectations. 

Becoming familiar with the cultural differences is often a quick process; however, academic differences may continue and affect your academic performance. To assist with this transition, UNBC has many resources available to help you succeed.

We strongly encourage all new international students to learn about UNBC’s academic policies. This will help you to become aware of the academic policies and procedures and better understand your responsibilities as a student. 

​Academic Success Centre​  

The Academic Success Centre (ASC) provides the skills students will need to become successful learners. It offers a variety of one-to-one and drop-in tutoring services, including online support as well as specialized services for students who primary language is not English. 

Career Centre 

The Career Centre provides services for students to assist you in preparing for employment. Twice a year the Career Centre arranges career fairs hosted on campus giving you the opportunity to meet future employers.  The centre also maintains a current list of part-time and full-time jobs for students. 

Academic Difficulties 

Throughout your university life you may experience academic difficulties that can affect your success. Whether you experience exam anxiety, need help with time management, or have an unexpected illness or family emergency, we are here to help. 

Technology Services 

UNBC uses a number of cutting-edge technologies and resources to enhance student learning. Visit technology services for assistance with any of the technologies UNBC uses.