Deferrals, Refunds and Withdrawals

We understand that sometimes your plans can change. It is International's objective to make requesting to defer to another term, or getting a refund as smooth as possible. Please see below for details on what you will need to do to complete this request.


Requesting to change your starting term at UNBC, known as deferring, is a simple and quick process. Please see the details below on this process

Undergraduate Deferral

To request a deferral, students should fill out the Undergraduate Deferral Form.

When requesting a deferral please include your 9-digit UNBC student number in the subject line and clearly state that it is a deferral request.

Please note that deferrals are generally granted for the term following your original offer of admission term and can only be granted once. A deferral from the May term to the September term cannot usually be granted because it is not within the academic year, which runs from September to May; in this case a new application would be required. A charge of $38.25 will be made for all deferral requests made from January 2022 onwards.

Graduate Deferral

To request a deferral students must send an email to

When requesting a deferral please include your 9-digit UNBC student number in the subject line and indicate what term you would like to defer your admission to, if applicable.

Please note that deferrals are not automatically approved. The program will review each request and must approve it. A $250 deferral deposit is required within 30 days of approval. 


In most cases international deposits are non-refundable. For tuition refunds students must ensure they have dropped any classes they have enrolled in by the required deadlines. For further details please see the information on our Tuition and Fees page.

Refund requests are usually processed within 6-8 weeks of the receipt of a complete refund request. Incomplete refund requests will not be processed. If you are eligible and your refund request is approved, the funds will be returned to the original payment location. For all refund requests, a $150 processing charge will apply. 


Prior to starting your studies at UNBC, if you decide to decline your offer of admission and withdraw please email admissions at the following email addresses. Remember to always include your 9-digit UNBC student number in your email.

Undergraduate Students: Send an email to

Graduate Student: Send an email to