Managing finances

Scholarships and Awards 

Learn more about all available scholarships and awards that recognize your academic achievements and community leadership efforts, both on and off campus. 

Working in Canada 

Many international students wish to work while in Canada. For complete information on working in Canada please go to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website.

Social Insurance Number (SIN) 

To be able to work in Canada you are required to have a Social Insurance Number (SIN). For information on applying for a SIN so you can work in Canada and have access to government programs and benefits, please visit the Service Canada website.

Canadian Income Tax Return 

International students studying and/or working in Canada may need to file a Canadian income tax return. Please visit the Canada Revenue Agency for complete information

Banking in Canada 

In Canada, most businesses accept payments via debit or credit cards. While cash is widely accepted, Canadians are some of the world’s biggest users of electronic payment methods. Financial transactions, like paying your rent or bills, or receiving payments from employers requires a bank account. Therefore, it is important to open a personal bank account in Canada as soon as you can. 

The following banks are located in Prince George. Before opening a bank account in Canada, ensure there is a branch here: 

Please note: UNBC International does not endorse any specific financial institution. Please do your research before selecting the financial institution that is best for you. 

Learn more about banking in Canada along with general financial literacy.