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General inquiries

What are the application deadlines?

All programs have a first deadline listed. The first deadline is the date by which your application must be submitted to be guaranteed consideration for admission and are included in entrance award allocation decisions if eligible.

Some programs have a second deadline. For these programs, applications are extended to the published date. Applications submitted during this period may not be eligible for award consideration. In addition, programs reserve the right to close the second deadline earlier if the program fills.

There are two second deadline types: international and domestic. Not all programs have a second deadline. Some programs may continue to accept domestic applications but will close international applications on the first deadline with no extension. International applicants should be aware that choosing to delay application may impact study permit processing. We highly encourage application by the first deadline (especially for international applicants).

If there is not an extension date listed, then that program is not accepting late applications and you will need to submit an application for the next intake.

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What are the admission requirements for my program?

You can find our general admission requirements and detailed requirements by program on the Admissions section of the website.

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Can I meet with someone to ask my admissions questions?

You can request a meeting by emailing to arrange a time to speak. Before that, however, please review the information on our website as most questions are answered here. We receive a high volume of inquiries at this time of year and our available time slots are limited. When you email to arrange a meeting, please include a brief summary of your questions or the subject of your meeting so we can provide you with the best support. Please note that our team focuses on providing information about admissions procedures and policies. If you have questions related to your intended program of study, you can reach out to the program directly. When you contact the program, you should also specify the reason for your inquiry in the email you send. Before reaching out to the program, review the program's web page as many of our programs have detailed information on their website. Examples of inquiries appropriate to discuss with the program directly include:

  • Assistance in deciding if the program is the right fit for your post-degree goals.
  • Asking questions about program content and options for completion.

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Can you tell me if I meeting admission requirements?

We do not pre-assess applications (including GPA assessment) and you will need to apply for consideration/evaluation. If you have a specific question about minimum requirements, you can review the information on our website (including general and program admission requirements as well as requirements specific to international applicants). If you do not see an answer to your question, please email

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Can I take graduate courses without being admitted to a graduate degree program?

Yes! Learn how to apply as a non-degree student on the Graduate Admissions section of the website.

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Can I apply before I have completed my degree?

Absolutely. To be considered for admission to a Master's degree, you must hold a baccalaureate degree (or equivalent) that is granted prior to the start of the program. For a doctoral program, you must hold a Master's degree (or equivalent) granted prior to the start of the program. Your admission will be assessed on the basis of your completed coursework and other application materials. If admitted, your admission status will be conditional pending receipt of proof of final degree completion and any other outstanding requirements (if any).

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How do I select my referees? What if I don't have enough academic references?

We have a guide for selecting your references on the Graduate Admissions section of the website and we encourage you to review that information. Some programs permit (or require) a professional reference but many of our programs do require 3 academic references for consideration. Where an option for submitting a professional reference in lieu of an academic reference is permitted, you will see that in the program admission requirements.

For some programs, having 3 relevant academic references is a critical component in making your application competitive and you may not be considered for admission without them. If it has been some time since you were in a degree program, you can consider taking additional related upper level coursework, using that time to forge a relationship with your instructor and excel in the class. If you are hesitant to contact an instructor for a course you haven't taken in a while, it doesn't hurt to try! When you contact them, be sure to note when you took their course and attach a copy of your transcript showing your grade in the class. You can also attach copies of previous assignments and include any other pertinent information that might be helpful.

Do you require a GRE/GMAT?

We do not currently require a GRE or GMAT score result. However, if you have one, you can upload it in the "other documents" section of your application.

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Do you require WES (World Education Services) Assessment?

We do not require submission of a WES assessment.  However, if you have had one done, you can upload in the "other documents" section of your application.

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Application questions

How can I tell if my application is complete? Have my references been received?

If you have submitted an application for admission into our Spring (May) or Fall (September) 2024 semester, you can view the status of your submitted items in our Applicant Dashboard. For programs that require references, you can see whether or not your referee has submitted their reference in this dashboard.

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After I submit my application , when will I receive an admission decision?

  • Applicants will receive admission decisions for the September intake by late March or early April.
  • Applicants will receive admission decisions for the Winter intake by late August or early September.
  • Applicants will receive admission decisions for the Spring intake by late December or early January.

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I have been admitted but would like to request a deferral, how can I do that?

The process for requesting a deferral can be found on the Graduate Admissions section of the website. Please note: the MEd Counseling program does not permit deferral of admission.

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Tuition, fees and program delivery

What is the cost of a graduate degree at UNBC?

Please note that there are different sections for domestic and international students. You can also read a summary of how our tuition fee structure works.

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Where can I find out information about graduate scholarships and funding?

Entrance Awards: For international, and domestic students, the Graduate Entrance Research Award is granted to a limited number of successful applicants. No application is required.

Other funding: You can find other funding opportunities on the Financial Aid and Awards section of the website by searching for Masters and PhD level awards. Each award has its own criteria for eligibility.

What programs are offered on-line or blended?

Currently, we have two programs that are offered fully remotely (online): The Master of Education in Special Education and the Masters of Disability Management (available only to part-time domestic students taking the comprehensive exam route). All of our other programs have at least some on-campus requirements.

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Are there Teaching Assistant (TA) positions available for graduate students?

Yes! Our TA positions are filled via a competitive hiring process. View our current postings and information to apply for postings that will start in your first semester of study. You will need to be a current student to hold a position. Postings are added on an ongoing basis so you will want to check the postings frequently. Remember to check your UNBC email address daily as any official correspondence related to applications will be sent to that email.

You must re-apply and be selected for TA positions each term. Please direct all questions regarding TA positions to UNBC Human Resources at

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How long does it take to finish a graduate program at UNBC?

This varies from program to program. We recommend you review the information on the Academic Calendar graduate programs or reach out to one of our graduate program contacts for details.

In general, a research-based Master's degree will take approximately 2 years to complete for full-time students. A doctoral program (PhD) will generally take about 4 years for a full-time student. We have several degrees with shorter timelines. The Master of Engineering in Wood Integrated Design is 12 months (6 semesters) and our Master of Business Administration is 5 semesters. Some of our course-based degrees can also be completed in a shorter time frame.

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For international applicants

What are the admission requirements for international applicants?

To be considered for admission, in addition to the general admission requirements, you must have a minimum cumulative GPA and the required credential. International admission requirements are set by country.

In addition to the degree and GPA, you will require an English Language test score (unless exempt).

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What English language tests do you accept and what is the minimum required score?

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My English Language Test score is below the minimum required. Am I still eligible to be considered for admission?

English language proficiency requirements

If your score is below the minimum required, you will not be considered for admission. You will need to retake the test and increase your score to be considered for admission.

How can I pay my deposit? Can my deposit be waived? Is the deposit refundable?

Payment information can be found at the link below:

Generally, the international deposit cannot be waived. An exception may be made if a student is receiving funding in excess of the current requirements for financial sufficiency set by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. A student funded in excess of this amount can contact to inquire further.

You will also find guidelines for if and when a deposit may be refundable here. Deadlines will apply, so it is important to review this information fully.

Will I be eligible for admission with a second class lower division degree?

Information on international admission degree requirements can be found on our website. We do not accept credentials with a second class lower division award, applicants are required to have a minimum second class upper division with a B average to be considered.

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Application troubleshooting

Why can't I find my program on the online application website?

If we are currently accepting applications to the program you are interested in, you will see it in the program selection options. To find your program, you'll first select the level of study (graduate), the term of intended start and your campus. You will also need to enter the Faculty. Here are some common issues applicants run into.

An image of our online application selection screenCheck to see if there is an open intake.

View the application intakes and deadlines. Not all programs offer an intake for all semesters and programs have application deadlines. Once a deadline is passed, you will not see it in the available list of programs.Some programs limit intakes to domestic applicants. If you are an international student, we are not currently accepting international applicants for the MA Disability Management program or for the Grand Prairie campus intake of our MBA (Vancouver and Prince George do accept international applicants though).

If your program is open for applications, double check the campus you've selected.

Not all programs are offered at every campus. In addition, some of our programs will be found under the online campus even though they have a hybrid delivery (some on campus required). Check the program admission requirements for tips on how to find your program in the online application.

Check another Faculty to make sure you're in the right one.

Our programs are grouped in the drop down by faculties.

  • Arts, Education, First Nations Studies, Health Sciences & Social Sciences includes our Master of Arts, Master of Education, MScN, MSW, MSc Health Sciences, MSc Psychology and PhD Health Sciences degrees.
  • Commerce, Engineering, Environmental Studies & Sciences includes our Engineering degrees (MEng and MASc), our Business degrees (MBA and MSc Business Administration), our Natural Resources and Environmental Studies degrees (MA/MSc/MNRES/PhD) and our MSc degrees in Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics.
  • Undeclared is the option you'll select for non-degree graduate studies (if you intend to take a couple of courses rather than enroling in a program).

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My referee didn't receive the email requesting they complete their reference.

Image capture of the EPBC submitted apps screenFirst check that you entered their email address correctly. In your EducationPlannerBC account, you can navigate to submitted applications and click on the PDF application summary on the far right under the list of submitted applications. The email address you entered for your reference will be under the Program Selection section on page 2 of the PDF.

If you entered the email address correctly, ask your referee to check their junk folder. Sometimes our email requests will be mistakenly screened into the junk mail folder.

If you entered the email address incorrectly or your referee still can't find the email, contact us at

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