Advanced Forest Road Deactivation

advanced forest road deactivation

Advanced Forest Road Deactivation focuses on road deactivation assessments and prescriptions. Research has shown that many landslides occur due to problems associated with forest road deactivation. This is often a result of using techniques that were unsuitable for the terrain. This course is designed with a strong emphasis on the development of appropriate prescriptions for high hazard sites where non-standard techniques are required. Students will spend one day in the classroom and two days in the field and will review actual deactivation sites and conduct assessments and prescriptions exercises on selected road sections. These assignments are designed to provide guidance and greater experience in road deactivation techniques in both typical situations, as well as more critical situations.

This workshop is recommended for foresters and engineers, technicians, field staff from both government and industry or anyone involved in the planning, inspection, monitoring or supervision of forest road deactivation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify appropriate road deactivation prescriptions for high-hazard sites
  • Examine non-standard techniques
  • Examine existing deactivation sites
  • Conduct actual assessments and prescribe deactivation techniques for specific road sections
  • Gain experience in standard and atypical deactivation methods
Prince George, BC


Required Materials

Hard hat, high visibility vest, safety footwear, outdoor-appropriate clothes, notebook, and pens/pencils.