Safe and Effective Electrofishing Online Refresher

electrofishing online refresher course

Electrofishing is a common scientific survey method used to sample fish populations to determine abundance, density, and species composition.

This online course is a refresher course for those who have completed the two-day classroom and field Safe and Effective Electrofishing Certificate, or those wanting to learn additional information in preparation to taking the two-day field course offered by UNBC Continuing Studies. 

The course covers the basic theory of electrofishing, standard backpack setup, an understanding of environmental settings, safety risks, precautions and safe work procedures. Students of this course will finish with a basic understanding of electrofishing techniques and theory.

Please note: This course does not certify you to conduct electrofishing activities.

Learning Outcomes

  • List electrofishing requirements and electrofishing systems
  • Describe basic physics principles
  • Discuss equipment components, settings and techniques
  • Describe preventative safety measures
  • Explain how techniques change based on environmental conditions
  • Identify fish health considerations
  • Learn about importance of tailgate meetings
  • Learn how to conduct safe electrofishing
  • Identify safe fish handling theory