EM Course (05) - Basic Sampling I: Water Quality and Spill Response

Basic Sampling I teaches students how to collect and analyze water samples for baseline studies as well as quality assurance. The course explores preventative methods and corrective responses to a spill and provides essential knowledge related to water sampling, spill response, and effective spill equipment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know the purposes of sampling
  • Learn sample definitions and designs
  • Define water quality
  • Understand how to access and use water quality standards
  • Learn how to measure water quality
  • Examine case studies
  • Define a spill
  • Know how to prevent spills
  • Learn about spill containment and spill kits
  • Understand spill reporting

This course is one of 10 courses that make up the Environmental Monitoring Online Certificate (EMC). Students have the option to enrol in individual courses without having to complete the Environmental Monitoring Certificate.

Self-paced (Start and finish on your time)
  • Online courses are non-refundable.